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1. Do you have any store or office?


Unfortunately no, but if you want to see our collections directly, you can visit our booth in bazaar. Simply just

follow our newsletter or twitter (@wear_maive) if you need further information.




2. If I have any complaints or suggestions, where should I send it?


You can send it to or by click “Contact us” in the bottom page.




3. Is my personal information kept private?


We are guarantee that your information you gave to us is private and we will not share by other party. 








1. How to order and purchase MAIVE products ?


a. Click the product that you want to buy, click “Add to chart"


b. If you already have an account, you can sign in, but if you does not have an account, do sign up


c. Check out with the product that you want to buy


d. You will receive a confirmation email that contain your order number


e. Transfer your payment to our account (maximum three days after purchase)


f. Sign in your account in our website, go to “Confirm payment” and input your transfer data.


g. if your confirmation has verified, you will receive a verified email, and your order will be send the next


working day.


h. Wait for our delivery process


i. Enjoy our product :)




2. Do I need an account first if I want to order?


Yes, you do. Customers only can make an order if they have an account. We made this system to make your


payment easier to track.




3. Can I cancel my order?


If you already send the payment, you cannot cancel your order. But if you have not send the payment, you can


send an email to




4. What if I want to exchange my goods?


You can only exchange your good if the product type you receive is not your order. Other than that, you cannot


exchange your good.




5. Can I pay by credit card?


Sorry, you can pay your order by bank transfer on Mandiri or BCA




6. Can I booked a product before I make a payment ?


Sorry, you cannot booked any MAIVE product.




7.  I've tried to confirm my payment, but there's some technical mistake. What should i do?

If this problem occurred, please send us snapshot of your bank transfer receipt to We


apologize for this inconvenience.







1. What is JNE?


JNE (Jalur Nugraha Expedition) is one of the delivery service company in Indonesia. We use this service to


deliver your order.




2. I have not get my order for more than a week or late for couple days. What should I do?


You can send us email to or SMS 0812 989 27 869. We will check your order


immediately and inform you. 




3. What if I receive damage package?


We are not responsible for any damage in package, but if you receive damage goods you can send us an


email to for further information.







1. How to use Maive voucher discount ?


You can use Maive voucher discount for online or offline puchase. For online purchase, write your voucher


number on "Note For Seller" . For offline purchase, show your voucher discount to our staff.



2. Can i use my voucher discount with other promo ?


Sorry, you can not use your voucher discount with other promo.